Spring Facts

  1. Spring Java Configuration is the answer of Rod Johnson to all xml haters, with javaconfig you can configure the whole Spring IOC in pure Java
  2. Spring Autowiring with Annotations will lead you to a more readable and smaller xml configuration file
  3. Spring Transactions with Annotations will let you fine-grained configuration of your service layer transactionality
  4. Spring and Terracotta play together very well, if you’re worried about HA/Clustering have a go
  5. Spring and REST: the version 3 of Spring will let you write RESTful service with just a couple of annotations
  6. Spring Testability is unbeaten: there’s nothing as easy to test as a POJO, in addition to that Spring offers autowiring and transaction managment inside the tests
  7. Spring OSGi: assuming that OSGi is a good idea Spring is already there
  8. Spring is not a silver bullet but you’ll have to point me a gun in order to consider EJB3 as an alternative